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Diamond In order to play you need to download FREE Casino software to your PC.
Diamond There is no charge to set up an account. There is no minimum purchase restriction. You simply purchase as many or as few gaming chips as you wish, just like in real casinos in Las Vegas or Monaco.
Diamond You can exchange the chips you have on hand back for money at any time.
Diamond You have an option to play off-line for plain fun with River Belle Casino ContinentalZERO chips, which does not involve any real money.
Diamond All major credit cards, checks, money orders, wire transfers are accepted with winnings credited or a check rushed to you on the same day through eCash Systems secure transactions.
Diamond All transactions are securely encrypted and kept in strict confidentiality.

The software include the following exciting casinogames : Baccarat, Keno, Video Poker, Slots Machines, Chuck-A-Luck, Scratch Ticket, Blackjack, Roulette, Cyber Caribean Stud Poker, deuces wild poker, pai gow poker, sic bo, solitaire. This all in great design !

The software gives support for the following languages : French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, English, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Greek .







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